Want to immigrate to Alberta – A Guide to how you can settle in Canada

The Province of Alberta in Canada continues to catch the fancy of hundreds of thousands of skilled immigrants who are awestruck by the growing economy and the available job prospects of skilled occupation. You can fulfill your dream to reside and work in Alberta with a little planning and can obtain permanent residency in the country.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

All the aspiring immigrants looking for permanent residency of Canada can apply through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of the Province of Alberta which is called as Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). This program was initiated by the Government of the Province of Alberta with consideration from the Government of Canada to increase the economic growth of the province by utilizing the international workforce and skilled people by providing them permanent residency.

How the Program Works

The Government of Alberta allows immigrants to obtain permanent residency every year under this program with a limited number of seats. You need to fulfill the requirements of any one of the various streams available (Employer Driven Stream, Strategic Recruitment Stream, and Self Employed Farmers) to get nominated for the permanent residency of the Province.

You also have to pass through the radar of Federal Government of Canada who looks for the medical and criminal background. Your P.R. can get cancel on these grounds alone.

Let us take a detailed look at all the streams available under AINP.

  1. Employer Driven Stream 

The Employer Driven Stream is introduced to cater the vacant labor positions in the Province of Alberta as the Government was unable to find the relevant personnel from within of Canada. You need to have a binding job offer from an employer whose place of work is on the turf of the Province of Alberta. The employer must also apply under the stream for your application to be considered. It is further divided into three sub- heads which are as follows:

  • The Skilled Worker

Immigrants who have a job offer in a skilled occupation i.e. NOC level (0, A or B) in Canada can apply under the skilled worker category.

  • Semi- Skilled Worker

This category caters to those immigrants who are currently working in the Province of Alberta as semi- skilled workers.

  • International Students

This category includes international students who had completed masters or post graduate diploma from a Canadian University and is offered a permanent and full-time job from a Canadian Employer.

  1. Strategic Recruitment Stream

This stream does not require a job offer from a Canadian Employer nor need them to apply for this program with their employer unlike in the Employer Driven System. This caters to those immigrants who are presently employed in the Province of Alberta. This program is specially made to turn the status of these individuals from working visa to permanent residents. It is further divided into three sub- heads which are as follows:

  • Compulsory and Optional Trades

People under this sub- head can change their temporary work visa into permanent residency who owns a validtrade license for particular occupations.

  • Engineering Occupations

All those persons who had worked on the post of an Engineer in the Province of Alberta can apply for permanent residency under this head.

  • Post Graduate Students

Under this head, all the international students who had completed their post-graduation from an institution in Canada and are currently working in the Province of Alberta can apply for P.R.

  1. Self Employed Farmers

The individuals who want to apply for P.R. under this head must submit the evidence which can state their financial accountability to buy a farm in Alberta and the prior work experience in functioning a farm. You can apply in this category only if you have the means to purchase and operate a farm. Individuals should supply relevant documents confirming their net worth of at least half a million Canadian dollars. This amount is needed to invest in a farm to be eligible for P.R.

Corridor of International Student

If you are keen on pursuing your masters from a prestigious Canadian University, then it will be a lot easier for you to get permanent residency of the Province of Alberta. Having a masters from reputed Canadian university will make you a worthy candidate under the scheme. You can utilize the expertise of Canada’s Study- 2- Immigration Program where their representatives educate about the possible universities a student can apply to and the best course which will suit their goals. They further assistin changing the status of an international student from temporary visa to permanent residents.

You also have an option to apply through the Federal Governments’ Express Entry Immigration which will give a prospective candidate the same results which are permanent residency like the AINP option does.