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How to Find a Live-in Caregiver Job in Canada from Philippines

Every year, thousands of Filipinos come to Canada to Work as what it’s called a “Live-in Caregiver” in a Canadian Home or Institution.

The Canadian system depends on these Live-in Caregivers to provide help for the elderly and be there 24/7 when they need them. Some of the Duties may include: Cleaning, Light Meal Preparation, Caring etc..

The “Live-in Caregivers Guide” E-Book has helped many Filipinos Find Live-in Caregiver Jobs from when applying from outside of Canada, as well as help them apply for Work Permits by themselves, thus, avoiding legal fees and potentially saving $1000’s in Lawyer fees, by doing the process themselves, rather than engaging the services of an expensive Immigration Lawyer


  • E-book Teaches you How to Find Work as a Live-in Caregiver in Canada
  • Saves you money on Recruiter fees, by showing you all the places you can Apply by yourself & Find Live-in Caregiver Positions across Canada!
  • Shows you How you can apply for a Canadian Work Permit by yourself
  • Saves you money on Lawyer fees, by doing the Work Permit Process by yourself (this e-book shows you how, step by step
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