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Sometimes online job applications can seem to be tedious tasks, but an online job application can also save you time and extra effort when you’re sending out multiple applications. An online job application can offer you significant advantages when it comes to demonstrating your skills and competencies. An online job application can be more advantageous than sending out a generic CV.

Once you’ve found a vacancy you’re interested in, set aside some time to complete your application. Put some effort into the task. Remember this is probably the only chance for a first impression that you’ll get. Make that impression a good one. Here are a few tips that will ensure your application will be well received:

If you list a phone number on your application, make sure that your voice mail is professional and appropriated to be heard by a potential employer.

If the application asks for an email address, make sure your email address will not reflect negatively on you.

Answer all questions appropriately and honestly, since most employers will verify your answers.

If you do attach a CV and cover letter to your application, ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors.


Many job candidates avoid completing these types of applications because of the amount of time it consumes to answer all the required questions. However, if you don’t abandon the application, and you persevere, this can demonstrate your perseverance and determination to a potential employer—You’ll make a good first impression.

When you get new job announcements delivered directly to your e-mail account however, you have a powerful job hunting tool at your disposal that puts you in charge of the search for employment.

Job alerts allows you the choice to view relevant job vacancies in a real time format and you can choose the frequency with which you receive your updates.

If you are just exploring your career options from the comfort of your current position, you may wish to receive weekly or monthly updates while daily updates are available for those scrambling to meet their rent obligations.

Successful job hunts are as much about organization as they are about persistence and luck, so in addition to Job alert’s automated updates, you can also save your job searches, so you will know who to follow up with at the appropriate time.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about missing that next dream job because you can also easily track your favorite companies as they post their most recent vacancies.

Finding a new job is never easy. The rewards a new job can deliver make the search for one worth it.

Understanding a few simple tips just might make that search more productive.Search for Jobs Online and Apply for Them Properly Scores of excellent online job listing and recruitment websites exist. Create an account with all the top ones, create a solid resume, consistently update the resume, and apply for all available job openings. If you must fill out an online application, always take great care to do so correctly. Errors and omissions could sink your chances.

Never Overlook Traditional Job Search MethodsNewspaper classifieds still remain a good source for available jobs. Networking never ceases to be a great way to find leads. Never dismiss traditional job finding methods just because they still remain valuable.Keep Your Options Open Being selective can be a good trait, but being too selective or restrictive in your job search might lead you to narrow your own options.

Job+Seekers+Look+Employment+Brooklyn+Career+r9_p7hKp2m5lRemain Consistent with Your Job SearchThe best way to locate and land a job is to always be consistent in your search. Never allow long gaps to go by without putting in for a job opening. Be Sure Your Online Image is Positive How you conduct yourself on social media and online forums is a reflection of you.

Do not do make any posts or videos that could potentially dismiss your consideration for a position.Following these tips can make finding a job less difficult. Just be willing to put the right effort into the process and search smartly.

Doing so can increase the chances of success immensely.

Staring a new job in a new country and experiencing a new culture can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. The first week or two on the new job often entails a honeymoon period where cultural differences do not cause you much concern.

This can give way to a period of culture shock, a point in which cultural differences can cause great stress and frustration. Anyone experiencing culture shock should simply realize the shock is due to not being familiar with the differences of the new environment. In time, with a little effort and patience, you eventually become much more comfortable with the employment and cultural climate. Take things slow, try to observe the behaviors of others, and try to understand things may be different in your new location than where you came from.In your journey, avoid making any judgments about other cultural norms and always be respectful.

Doing so is going to aid in acclimating you to a new work environment quickly. You will also likely have a greater chance of becoming friendly with your colleagues with the right attitude.Try to keep strong ties with people you know in your home country.



Even just staying in touch with others through a social networking platform can help reduce the early frustration of being in a new job in a new home.Allow yourself to gradually fit into your new environment. If you experience any mishaps, do not worry over them. Consider them a valuable learning experience. Take the entire process in slowly and, in time, you will become much more relaxed in your new environment both at work and in social circles.

Job hunting online is often preferable because it saves time and money while showing you a broader range of employment opportunities. However, it is not without fault. Because you don’t have the benefit of making a good impression in person, your approach online needs to be flawless. Avoid making these common mistakes during your online job hunt.

Your CV or résumé is too long

Trim your CV or résumé to only include relevant information to the position you are applying for. If it’s too long, your potential employer may skip over something important. Also, listing every job you’ve ever had may give you the appearance of being unable to hold a position long term.

You forgot to proofread

Before submitting your CV or application, comb through it for spelling and grammatical errors. While this may seem unimportant, having such mistakes will make you look sloppy and rushed.

You appear to have a bad attitude

It is easy for things to get lost in translation online. Sarcasm can go undetected, for example, because words on a screen are not as dynamic as live interactions. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure you come across as positive and professional at all times. Skip the humor and avoid sounding arrogant. Instead, opt to show your enthusiasm for the position and an eagerness to learn more.

In business, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Because of this, native English speakers do have an advantage when it comes to securing a job in most industries. However, there are a wide variety of resources available to you if you’re not an English speaker, which may help you to land your dream job, despite the language barrier.

It’s always best you have someone who is a native English speaker to go over your CV. A native English speaker can help you with any spelling and grammar corrections. You can also hire a professional to help you with your CV. Of course, you do need to make it known on your CV that English is not your native language.


You can practice interviewing with someone who is a native English speaker. They can help prepare you to answer commonly asked interview questions and discover where any language weaknesses might cause a problem.

You can improve your language skills by taking an English language course. Choose a course that concentrates on your weaknesses in the language. For instance, if your speaking skills are not as good as your writing skills, take a course that focuses on this.

There are many types of jobs that might require a non-native speaker to assist English speakers. Target these types of jobs when you’re searching for employment to increase your chances of being hired.

There are many jobs where knowing more than one language can be an advantage.

The current global job market is tough. Many countries around the world are battling with high unemployment rates. College graduates are struggling to find work, and it’s becoming more difficult to find employment in industries that you are skilled and experienced in. Because of this, it’s vital to use a variety of job searching methods to improve your chances of getting hired. Here are a few venues to take advantage of while performing your job search:

The Internet offers the ability for users to search online job postings and to upload your CV to multiple job sites. You can also look up company contact information and email your CV and cover letter to relevant people in a particular company, even if a job hasn’t been advertised. Also, trade websites offer an excellent opportunity for job seekers, because many companies only post available positions on these types of sites.

Social media is highly valuable because it offers a way of creating contacts that can give you inside information about available jobs. Ask around; everyone is a potential source for leads. Also, make use of offline networking for employment. This method is highly successful too.

You can generate useful and targeted leads by signing up with online recruitment agencies. Many vacancies aren’t advertised on public forums. An online recruitment agency often has inside contacts with many companies.



The most important thing to remember is to not give up your search. It can be exhausting looking for a job, and it’s easy to lose motivation. However, don’t abandon your job hunt. Eventually, your persistence will pay off.

It’s getting easier to find a job in Canada.

That’s according to the latest findings from Statistics Canada. The agency reports that while the unemployment rate in March was 7.0 percent, springtime has brought more than sun and flowers by gifting Canadians with a 6.9 percent unemployment rate in April.

This also means that 43,000 new jobs opened up to Canadians searching for employment, although most of these jobs are considered part-time. However, the unemployment rate is decreasing at a noticeable rate that is causing  economists to force themselves to smile again and even anticipate next month’s percentages.

Although the number of new jobs created was a pleasant surprise to government officials as well as unemployed Canadians, the bigger and better surprise was the fact that most new jobs went to younger Canadians–those between 15 and 24 years old–a demographic that has been sorely left behind in the job market during the recession and recovery.



Breaking it down by region, the most new jobs were created in British Columbia (18,300); Quebec (15,100) and 13, 400 in Ontario. Alternately, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Alberta and Nova Scotia experienced a minor drop in job openings.

Overall, these numbers provided by Statistics Canada are consistent with the prevailing view that Canada’s economy is steadily but slowly expanding. In addition, it should be encouraging to Canadians who have been looking for a job that the unemployment rate remained at its lowest level since 2008 and 2009, the two years that were easily the worst years of the last recession.

A resume has to stand out from the proverbial crowd in order to truly capture the attention of potential employer. A few simple steps can be done to help a resume stand out from the crowd.First, be sure the resume has been custom written for the job you are applying. Make sure the resume highlights the experience most applicable for the job. This way, the resume truly speaks to the person reviewing it instead of appearing like little more than a generic job history.

Make the resume easy to read. Employing three different fonts and appropriately using italics and boldface can ensure important points on the resume are not missed.Place the necessary keywords associated with your experience. Certain terms are common associated as main buzz words for a particular career. Frequently, employers skim resumes looking for these keywords when performing both online searches and when holding hardcopies in their hands reading them.Always highlight any awards or recognitions received. Having work experience is good, but being accomplished in a career is quite impressive.

Clearly pointing out these accolades can really help set you apart from the crowd. Emphasis on leadership can be hugely beneficial. Those with leadership potential are action oriented and self-motivated, two traits potential employees highly prize. Taking the steps to make a resume stand out is very important. If the resume does not stand out, it ends up being lost in a sea of other applicants.

In today’s technological world, taking your job hunt online can open up scores of employment opportunities that you would not have access to otherwise. Employers are realizing this, as well. They can reach a broader range of candidates fairly easily, which has led to the creation of more online job recruiting agencies. Creating an online JobSeeker profile has several advantages you should consider.

More Ways to Get Hired

When you create an online JobSeeker profile, you will instantly have access to jobs you would have never known about if you were limiting yourself to classified ads in the newspaper. You will be able to find opportunities across a greater geographical area. Some employers choose to advertise solely online rather than spending money on multiple newspaper ads. Your JobSeeker profile ensures you won’t miss out. Also, employers may seek you out if your skills are in line with what they need, rather than waiting for you to apply first.

Greater Job Accessibility

With an online JobSeeker profile, you will encounter job opportunities that don’t have have physical locations at all. Telecommuting and working solely on the internet is becoming more popular to cut down on travel and office maintenance costs, among other reasons. Had you been searching for local brick and mortar locations hiring, you would have missed these unique employment opportunities altogether.

Save Time and Money

Searching for employment can be expensive and time consuming. Between printing résumés and driving around to find companies to apply to, looking for work becomes a job on its own. By creating a JobSeeker profile online, you save yourself from these hassles in favor of conveniently searching for and applying to jobs from the comfort of your own home.

Before the Internet allowed vast amounts of information about everybody and everything to be instantly accessible, remaining employable consisted of having a high school diploma, dressing nice for an interview and providing a couple references to show an employer the potential employee wasn’t an escaped convict. Today, being employable means a lot more than wearing dress clothes and possessing a rudimentary education. Now it means remaining vigilant about what you post on social media sites as well as how you conduct your personal financial undertakings.

For example, after you send a CV to a hiring manager, you have literally sent him or her a fairly complete life history of yourself. Just by inserting your name and address into a web search site designed for employers to investigate potential employees, the hiring manager can discover whether you have been incarcarated, if you are on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and what kind of attributes you may have gained from past employment to make you the perfect candidate for the job.

3-2Staying neutral on social media sites about “touchy” subjects like politics, religion and perspectives towards world cultures is strongly recommended to avoid appearing insensitive and narrowminded to employers. Social media sites offer privacy settings to prevent these problems so make sure you use them accordingly, especially if you are actively looking for a job.

While we all have posted photos of ourselves having fun, enjoying a party or just being plain silly, employers may view these types of pictures as revealing an employee with a questionable personality or lifestyle.

Stay employable by using privacy settings and watching what you post on the Internet!

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