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In this post we’re going to show you (in 5 simple steps) How you can successfully apply for a Canadian Work Permit and How to Apply for A Job in Canada (for overseas applicants)

Step 1: How to Get Canadian Employers Interested in You

  1. Prepare a professional Resume that will focus on your details skills, credentials, and abilities that are relevant to the next rung of your career ladder
  2. Make sure you List your qualifications in a presentable manner.
  3. Focus on your skills and achievements.

– This is all necessary to grab the attention of Canadian Employers!

Your Resume is one of the most important tools in your job search.

The professional resume attracts the attention of an employer by assuring them that you meet the requirements for their open position.

A poorly constructed resume or one that doesn’t place the proper focus on your abilities can very easily get you disqualified by The Canadian Hiring Managers.

The CV, or the “Resume”, as we call it in North America, is the “Silent Salesman” for a job applicant, giving insight into the candidate’s unique abilities.

We here, at understand that making a Resume requires special skills that not everyone possesses.

That is why we are providing a FREE Canadian Resume Template and a Cover Letter Template at our website

Step 2: 
Where to find employment in Canada

Finding employment in Canada is the KEY to Migration.

At we feature thousands of Links to Job Vacancies from major Canadian Employers where you can apply for a Temporary/Permanent Job in Canada.

Our Website has 1000’s upon 1000’s of links to new Canada vacancies added each day, and with thousands of job vacancies available at: there’s bound to be one for you.

There is also a list included of some of the most reputable recruitment agencies for you to search for positions, as well as some prominent companies in Canada for you to do some research on, who have their own careers section on their websites so that you may apply directly.

Through doing this, you will be tapping into the hidden job market in Canada, and you should aim to spend equal amounts of time applying for jobs both through our links on our own website (that’s where new jobs are added daily, and also through your own research, applying directly to companies in your field.

Step 3: 
How to Get a Job Offer (LMIA) that is validated by HRSDC

What can YOU do to Assist your Potential Employer in making the decision to hire you?

  1. You will need to confirm that the position offered is skilled and the employer has been advertised the position in Canada, prior to considering an overseas candidate (such as you)
  2. You will also need to let him know that you are strongly determined to relocate to Canada for work and that you already possess the knowledge and the documents required to successfully apply for a Work Permit, once the employer has decided to consider you for the position

Canadian Employers hire thousands of temporary workers with specific skills every year..

Employers who wish to hire temporary foreign workers must first apply to Service Canada for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (L.M.I.A)

The Labour Market Impact Assessment commonly: (LMIA), assesses the impact the foreign worker would have on Canada’s labour market or, in other words, how the offer of employment would likely affect Canadian jobs.

Your Potential Employer will need a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment to hire you as a temporary foreign worker.

You fill need to obtain a copy of the positive Labour Market Impact Assessment in order to apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a work permit.

What else can you do in order to help a Canadian Employer make a decision to hire you ?

Common concerns of Canadian Companies while reviewing Resumes of foreign workers have been well documented in the past…

– You will need to communicate to the Potential Employer that you understand the Magnitude of his/her responsibility, when considering Foreign Workers.

– You should also point-out that as a foreign worker, you are prepared to perform all of your duties with great determination, much like a native Canadian employee, not less because of your sheer determination and ambition to succeed in this new Economy, and make a statement for yourself.


Step 4: How to Complete the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Application

This application form should be used by your employer to apply for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) to hire temporary foreign workers under the Pilot Project for Occupations Requiring Lower Levels of Formal Training (NOC C and D).

The application can be downloaded from the link that should appear now at the bottom of the screen, 
and all other required documents must be submitted to Service Canada.

Please note that there are Certain occupations like Athletes, coaches
, Aviation engineers, Businessmen Judges, Religious workers & similar, that are exempt from having to apply for work permit..


Step 5: How to complete the Application for Work Permit

A current copy of the Application for Work Permit can be downloaded from SERVICE CANADA, -the link should be appearing at the bottom of the screen now, and it is for people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and who wish to work temporarily in Canada.

A work permit is issued if the application is accepted.

All applicants must complete and sign their own individual form, including persons traveling as a family.

In 2015, the US job market has experienced the greatest amount of growth since the end of the recession in 2009. 200,000-220,000 new jobs are created per month, significantly more so than the past four years. These promising new numbers have lead forecasters to predict for another positive month for the labor market.

The unemployment rate has declined by 0.2% to 5.6% in December. The number of unemployed individuals went to 8.7 million, a decline by 383,000. Throughout the year the unemployment rate has declined 1.1% to 1.7 million individuals. Of these statistics for December, there is a 5% decline in unemployed adult women.


There has been an increase in employment in the professional and business services sector, with the addition of 52,000 jobs in December alone. In the administrative and waste services jobs increased by 35,000. Computer systems design and related IT jobs went up by 9,000. Engineering and architecture increased by 5,000.

Despite these promising numbers an in-depth analysis of the monthly trends and statistics suggest that even with the steady demand for jobs increasing it is still low compared to the supply of potential workers. In the manufacturing sector, developments in productivity have increased efficiency in production, meaning that the average worker does not receive enough hours as they used to. This means that wages are not increasing as steadily as they need to be. This is also influenced by the Affordable Care Act which requires employers to provide health care coverage for employees working a certain number of hours within a given time period. This has consequently caused employers to cut back hours in order to curb the health care costs. This also accounts for the significant increase in expenditure for many businesses in the last few months, significantly limiting their profit margins.

Job hunting online is often preferable because it saves time and money while showing you a broader range of employment opportunities. However, it is not without fault. Because you don’t have the benefit of making a good impression in person, your approach online needs to be flawless. Avoid making these common mistakes during your online job hunt.

Your CV or résumé is too long

Trim your CV or résumé to only include relevant information to the position you are applying for. If it’s too long, your potential employer may skip over something important. Also, listing every job you’ve ever had may give you the appearance of being unable to hold a position long term.

You forgot to proofread

Before submitting your CV or application, comb through it for spelling and grammatical errors. While this may seem unimportant, having such mistakes will make you look sloppy and rushed.

You appear to have a bad attitude

It is easy for things to get lost in translation online. Sarcasm can go undetected, for example, because words on a screen are not as dynamic as live interactions. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure you come across as positive and professional at all times. Skip the humor and avoid sounding arrogant. Instead, opt to show your enthusiasm for the position and an eagerness to learn more.

For many employers in Canada, an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is very important before hiring a temporary foreign worker through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The TFWP permits them to fill positions with foreign workers if no Canadian worker is available to fill the said position.

Are you an employee curious about how to get LMIA in Canada? Well, you’re in luck because this article will give you a brief introduction on how to get LMIA in Canada aside from outlining to you the guide and procedure on the same.

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Previously known as the Labour Market Opinion (LMO), the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is now the screening mechanism for any employer in need of hiring temporary foreign workers. These changes were made in June 2014 when the Canada Immigration changed their Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Moreover, these changes were made to highlight strict priorities to any Canadian citizen for available jobs and other important amendments. Therefore, employers have to offer sufficient information about the ongoing job application and any data required on the LMIA. Additionally, employers with more than ten employees who apply for new LMIA are subject to a 10% cap on their workforce’s proportion consisting of low-wage temporary foreign workers.

With the wages being more accurate reflections of the occupational skill levels and the conditions of the labour market, the NOC will be replaced by the wage levels.

‘Low-wage’ jobs are those jobs that rank below the provincial or the territorial median wage while ‘high-wage’ jobs are those above the median wage. The current application fee is $1000 for every job position as opposed to the previous $275 before the reforms.

What Is LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)?

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the LMIA is an ‘a must have’ document for any employer in Canada willing to hire foreign workers. The document is fundamentally used to show the need to hire a foreign worker for any job position that a Canadian worker cannot perform.

It is a labour market verification process where the Employment and Social Development Canada or simply (ESDC) assesses employment offers to ensure that employing a foreign worker will have no negative impact on the labor market in Canada.

For this reason, the employer will have to offer a variety of information on the vacant position they wish to hire a foreign worker, including the total number of Canadians who applied for the position and those interviewed as well as a detailed explanation why no Canadian worker was considered for the position.

To any foreign employee, the LMIA is usually processed by your employer in Canada along with your work permit. Therefore, the responsibility of paying the required LMIA fees lies on the employer. Therefore take caution of any employer asking for the LMIA fees; the job could probably not be legit.

While you may be required to have the LMIA as a foreign worker, there are certain exceptions that will not necessarily need an LMIA like the youth exchange programs, free trade agreements and jobs under the International Mobility Program.

The Requirements of Getting LMIA in Canada 

As mentioned earlier, the sole responsibility of processing and applying for LMIA lies on your employer. The employer will have to contact the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) who’ll provide them with the details of processing the LMIA along with all the requirements needed.

If you’re familiar with getting LMO in Canada, then the process is closely related, though, after the new reforms made in June 2014, the process of getting LMIA is stricter with a $1000 fee per position job application requested for a labour market opinion.

Before applying for LMIA, an employer will have to advertise the job vacancies to the Canadian job market at least in the first four weeks. Additionally the employer applying for the LMIA will be required to provide proof that the foreign employment will not impact negatively on the Canada Labour Market aside from proving that Canadians cannot fill the job offering.


How Long Does It Take To Have An LMIA Approved?

Well, the ESDC has set a 10-day processing commitment to certain LMIA applications especially high-demand jobs as skilled trades and jobs with shorter duration of work period – normally less than 120 days.


What Do You Do After Getting A Positive LMIA?

Once you have a positive LMIA, as a foreign worker, you can now proceed to apply for a working visa. Your employer will send you a copy of the LMIA along with a signed employment contract that are necessary requirements for getting a visa at the Canadian embassy.

This procedure is usually done in your country of residence outside Canada. The Canadian embassy will require a work permit, LMIA, your medical exams along with other documents and immigration permits the moment you leave the country. It’s important therefore to check your country’s immigration requirements before your flight to Canada.

What If You Get Negative LMIA?

As much as Canada is a wealthy country with numerous employment opportunities, your LMIA may be disapproved due to one reason or another. If you have a negative LMIA, your employer may request a review of the application. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your LMIA will be approved this time around.


To The Employer 

Any employer applying for an LMIA for the first time will be required to provide a business license or permit along with the signed statement that shows his willingness to abide by the program requirements. Employers applying for a second LMIA will have to show that they have met all the terms and conditions of employment that were set in the previous LMIA confirmation letter.

Wrapping Up

With this information, you now have an idea of the requirements and procedure for getting an LMIA in Canada. Moreover, this article has not only outlined the requirements but also given you a clear understand of what an LMIA is and why it is important for employers to apply for one

Fort McMurray will always elicit negative emotions from a majority of Canadians. It never ceases to amaze how many of these people have hardly been, yet they still hold strong opinions about this place. What makes such a city receive so much negative press? My two cents’ worth is that the dwellers pay little attention to what others think. They are simply too busy working and progressing in life.

Despite a populace of about 60,000, approximately 100,000 more people commute for work in the oil sand regions. The over 29 airports fly in people from across the world. The transient nature of the city makes it more susceptible to some lazy opinions.

A good number of workers are seen journeying further north to camps. They seldom set foot in the city. In a majority of these camps, alcohol and drugs are unheard. But as common with boomtowns with workers earning huge paychecks, the locals confirm that prostitution and drug abuse exists, but in isolation.

The diversity of the city can never go unnoticed. We can’t help to imagine how much culture shock the visitors get, especially in winter season. The city is a beehive activity with people from diverse backgrounds.

In business, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Because of this, native English speakers do have an advantage when it comes to securing a job in most industries. However, there are a wide variety of resources available to you if you’re not an English speaker, which may help you to land your dream job, despite the language barrier.

It’s always best you have someone who is a native English speaker to go over your CV. A native English speaker can help you with any spelling and grammar corrections. You can also hire a professional to help you with your CV. Of course, you do need to make it known on your CV that English is not your native language.


You can practice interviewing with someone who is a native English speaker. They can help prepare you to answer commonly asked interview questions and discover where any language weaknesses might cause a problem.

You can improve your language skills by taking an English language course. Choose a course that concentrates on your weaknesses in the language. For instance, if your speaking skills are not as good as your writing skills, take a course that focuses on this.

There are many types of jobs that might require a non-native speaker to assist English speakers. Target these types of jobs when you’re searching for employment to increase your chances of being hired.

There are many jobs where knowing more than one language can be an advantage.

The current global job market is tough. Many countries around the world are battling with high unemployment rates. College graduates are struggling to find work, and it’s becoming more difficult to find employment in industries that you are skilled and experienced in. Because of this, it’s vital to use a variety of job searching methods to improve your chances of getting hired. Here are a few venues to take advantage of while performing your job search:

The Internet offers the ability for users to search online job postings and to upload your CV to multiple job sites. You can also look up company contact information and email your CV and cover letter to relevant people in a particular company, even if a job hasn’t been advertised. Also, trade websites offer an excellent opportunity for job seekers, because many companies only post available positions on these types of sites.

Social media is highly valuable because it offers a way of creating contacts that can give you inside information about available jobs. Ask around; everyone is a potential source for leads. Also, make use of offline networking for employment. This method is highly successful too.

You can generate useful and targeted leads by signing up with online recruitment agencies. Many vacancies aren’t advertised on public forums. An online recruitment agency often has inside contacts with many companies.

The most important thing to remember is to not give up your search. It can be exhausting looking for a job, and it’s easy to lose motivation. However, don’t abandon your job hunt. Eventually, your persistence will pay off.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program has come under fire with alleged accusations of employer abuse of foreign workers. This has caused the government to implement strict reforms against employers, designed to appease the public. The long-term goal of these reforms is to offer prospective foreign workers Canadian citizenship.

Long time critics of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program have argued that this initiative takes away jobs from Canadians and drives down wages; however, those in favor of the program argue that many Canadians are not seeking the sorts of jobs that the Temporary Foreign Worker Program aims to fill. Often jobs associated with this program require workers to relocate to rural communities and work for lower wages.

Regardless of these critiques some industries have become severely dependent on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. As a result, domestic wages are negatively impacted, and the industry itself is hurt by the introduction of these new reforms. The aim of the program was to compliment the existing domestic labor, not act as a substitute. Temporary foreign workers would take the jobs Canadians are not, in order to de-saturate the job market.

There is a risk that the new reforms will inhibit new workers from immigrating to Canada with such strict regulations applied on employers. This has already resulted in a significant shortage of workers in industries such as mining, meat production, agriculture, etc. Companies and industry leaders are predicting heavy losses in revenue due to the production shortages.


This new regulatory reform offering foreign workers citizenship is ideal for both employees and employers, but would require a large scale restricting of the program. Since the program was based on keeping the foreign workers temporary. In response to this the government has introduced the new ‘Express Entry’ program. This program is designed to qualified foreign workers as opposed to the low-skilled workers of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. It is more favorable for the government to attract qualified workers over low-skilled workers, but it is the low skilled labor shortages which the government must address.


Nothing brings back memories of times gone by than standing by the stove cooking up a delicious meal, but nobody was ever born knowing how to cook, and becoming a master chef can take time, patience, and above all the good will to take overdone and undercooked food with a pinch of salt.

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Take a walk through the essential steps all great cooks know and apply, even those your grandma forgot to tell you about as you watched her wield her spatula with skill. Learn all about the tiny details and seasoning surprises that are often forgotten. Give yourself some time and become the cook you have always yearned to be with an e-Course that is not only easy to follow, but also entertaining and fun for children and adults alike.

Woman seasoning food


It takes dedication and hard work to become fit and healthy, but our home fitness training course will make it seem like a breeze. Get fit, get tough, get rid of the extra pounds in your spare time and get a head start on bringing out the best in you, with a course designed to maximize the amount of exercise you do in the comfort of your own home.

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Finding a new job is never easy. The rewards a new job can deliver make the search for one worth it.

Understanding a few simple tips just might make that search more productive.Search for Jobs Online and Apply for Them Properly Scores of excellent online job listing and recruitment websites exist. Create an account with all the top ones, create a solid resume, consistently update the resume, and apply for all available job openings. If you must fill out an online application, always take great care to do so correctly. Errors and omissions could sink your chances.

Never Overlook Traditional Job Search MethodsNewspaper classifieds still remain a good source for available jobs. Networking never ceases to be a great way to find leads. Never dismiss traditional job finding methods just because they still remain valuable.Keep Your Options Open Being selective can be a good trait, but being too selective or restrictive in your job search might lead you to narrow your own options.

Job+Seekers+Look+Employment+Brooklyn+Career+r9_p7hKp2m5lRemain Consistent with Your Job SearchThe best way to locate and land a job is to always be consistent in your search. Never allow long gaps to go by without putting in for a job opening. Be Sure Your Online Image is Positive How you conduct yourself on social media and online forums is a reflection of you.

Do not do make any posts or videos that could potentially dismiss your consideration for a position.Following these tips can make finding a job less difficult. Just be willing to put the right effort into the process and search smartly.

Doing so can increase the chances of success immensely.

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